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ITC is set up with the intention of offering high quality beauty courses in Nepal. It is one of the Well established and reputed Beautician Training academy. Since its Establishment ITC has been serving the needy students in fulfilling their innate desires and dreams in the beauty industry. It is approved by the Government of Nepal. Many thousands of students have graduated from ITC training center with several operating their own Successful business. Additionally, it has included an international course which helps students to get across to any country they would like to go and work as a Beautician. Many have returned, sometimes years later, to continue their advanced and special Teachers training. We are proud to offer you a learning experience in intimate surroundings that we hope will stimulate and inspire you. We offer course in Hair Dressing, Hair Cutting, Basic Beautician, and Advance-Diploma in Beautician, Beautician Teachers training,Special Make-up Course, Nail Art Designs (Nail Technology), Facial, Tattoo, Mahanadi, Abroad study and many more short period special Training. All of the Above mentioned courses are profitable, creative, flexible and employable. If you have what it takes, then the opportunities for advancement are endless. When you join us you will be Welcomed into a safe, secure and friendly environment that will enable easy learning commences.

We have highly qualified training staff that have a vast Knowledge and experience within the Beauty industry. Your tutor is committed to supporting you to achieve your chosen qualification. We offer small group tuition with extra support for those learners that may need ITC training Center offers first Class beauty training and works very closely.